Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Something Blue

I still haven't found my wedding shoes. I decided that yellow shoes might be tacky- especially considering I haven't been able to find a darker yellow pair. I thought it would be cool to find light blue heels for my "something blue".

This is not easy. Most of the blue shoes look like this:

Electric blue. Way too BLUE. I was hoping for something lighter and more romantic.

Behold Louboutin's Blue:

Amazing. But 726 dollars. Not so amazing. The search continues. Please send any and all suggestions.


  1. i got those louboutins... and promptly returned them. they look like hooker clown shoes in person :(

  2. Who makes the electric blue shoes please?

  3. I am so sad you stopped this blog! I too had a yellow wedding in June of 2010 so I was looking forward to see everything you had planned!!