Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Something Blue

I still haven't found my wedding shoes. I decided that yellow shoes might be tacky- especially considering I haven't been able to find a darker yellow pair. I thought it would be cool to find light blue heels for my "something blue".

This is not easy. Most of the blue shoes look like this:

Electric blue. Way too BLUE. I was hoping for something lighter and more romantic.

Behold Louboutin's Blue:

Amazing. But 726 dollars. Not so amazing. The search continues. Please send any and all suggestions.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Trial Run

Over the Easter break I went for my first hair and make up trial. I have blogged in the past about my fear of wedding hair - but in the end it wasn't that scary at all. I tried somewhere totally new so I wouldn't have any " I am scared of my stylist" pressure. I brought a ton of photos for hair and make up and had a consultation first. Here's the photos I brought for hair:

As you can see I was looking for a low bun with loose curls. Here are the make- up inspiration pics:
I was really just looking for a golden , natural look. I was pretty happy with the outcome. The stylist tried styling my hair naturally and with a curling iron. Suprisingly , I actually liked the curling iron look better. It was more polished and softer than my natural curls.

Please ignore the odd "blue steel" look on my face. I wasn't IN LOVE with it, but I thought it was a really good start. I may try one more place before I settle here. If I do go with this place I want
- more volume on top of my head
- less face make up
- golden tones on my eyes

I am also now re-considering a silken flower rather than a headband.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just A Little Pink

I am not wild about pink. I think I have made that abundantly clear. But pink has a place at a wedding- my nails. I have been on a active routine to get my nails healthy and a long for the wedding to avoid the arylic look:


My routine consists of :
  • vitamin e lotion everyday
  • lots of water
  • cheapy maincures every 2 weeks
  • Nutra nail with green tea extract everyday

  • and NO biting

So far I have been pretty happy with the results. My nails are longer and stronger then they have ever been. I just have to keep it up until June. I have been thinking about polish colors. Here is ESSIES "wedding line"

I don't like the idea of white or beige but these were pretty pinks from the line:

But I am also not opposed to something a little brighter and more joyful. Like Tart Deco
Also endorsed by Oprah. That means it has to be good.

I could also go with my old standby Peach Daquiri

What do you think. Pale pink or bright coral?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dessy Up

If you can't tell from my title - I ditched Jcrew and got Dessy -ed Up. The Dessy Group that is. After abandoning my JCrew dreams I had some serious searching to do. I look everywhere- but need dresses to meet the following criteria:
  • Inexpensive- under $200
  • Modern and tea length
  • several different styles all in one fabulous yellow shade

It was a pretty exhaustive search and I was nearly settled on Simple Silhouettes but in the end their prices were too high. Although I wasn't paying for each dress it was important were low. Economic time are tough in this city and I really didn't want my wedding to be a crushing financial burden. So, I finally stumbled upon The Dessy Group, a company that includes many brands such as Lela Rose, Alfred Sung, and After Six. I narrowed it down to five dresses and told my ladies to try them all on and I would pick the top three. So without further ado ...the top three dresses:

And just because I love her and she is special, my maid of honor gets her very own style:

All styles are in Peau de Soie in a yellow called Mango! I think they are fabulous.

Not Worth The Wait- Or - How I Passed on J.Crew

So I have blogged all about my Jcrew dream dresses, and talked all about my intial visit to the flagship store in Rockerfeller Center . You must assume that my girls are the owners of one of three Cotton Cady frocks- think again.

I passed. Big time.

Let me explain. The dresses were lovely but- there was no yellow in the winter collection ! Not even a canary or a lemonade. Nada. Zilch. The bridal coordinator at JCrew hinted that I could wait to the spring, because it would be hard to believe that JCrew would not make a yellow spring gown.
I cried. I moaned. I considered mint.

I considered changing the name of the blog.But in the end I knew I wanted to stick to my original vision of yellow- for better or worse! I knew right away I didn't want to gamble and wait until the spring collection. They wouldn't release colors until the end of March - WAY too late in the year for my girls to look elsewhere if the yellow didn't materialize. Was I right not to gamble??

Yep. Check out the spring collection. Not a yellow in sight. What did I choose instead??

Here's a sneak peak:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm Back!

I am back! Not quite sure why I stopped blogging, but I think it had something to do with being crazy, insanely busy at work and coming home a collapsing in a big heap on my couch. But, in the midst of the exhaustion I have been busy at work planning my wedding! SO many things are falling into place and I have recently been feeling sad that I no longer had a place to share it all. I missed coming home and typing away and finding just the right pics. The ironic part about it is- most of my posts up until this point were just ideas! Now,I have actual concrete decisions and elements in place and I can't wait to share it all. I figured after taking a three month break- I would have no more followers and should stop considering it "my wedding blog". But- when I started this adventure into the blogsphere I had no followers and I did it just for me- do that's where I will start from again. I DO have lots to share including:

Bridesmaid dresses
Veils, hairpieces and more
Hair and Make up Trials


Can't wait to start this again!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Save the Dates.. Finally

As promised our ... Save the Dates. We decided to go with our black and white kiss on the bridge. Our goal was to create a unique Save the Date that was :

1. Simple - not too much stress to create, assemble, or mail
2. Cheap- there was little to no budget for this project
3. Introduced our family and friends to the mood and style of our wedding- romantic Old New York

We decided the easiest way to keep it simple and keep prices low would be to go the postcard route. While I swooned over envelopes like these:

They were simply not in the budget. In the end it was for the best because life has been totally hectic these days so simplicity is best. We wanted the cards to resemble vintage postcards of the Brooklyn Bridge so we used photoshop to tweak the color a fit. The final print came out great and really captured the feel of what we were looking for.

Actually- the color is off for some reason here- but it looks really cool I swear. For the back we wet with a really simple message and design:

We love them. There are easy, affordable, and really capture the feel of our wedding.